Feministes per la Independència

El text del parlament de la Natalie McGarry a l’acte final campanya Ara és l’Hora a Barcelona (div.7N)

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nataliemcgarryBona nit, Catalunya.

It is a pleasure to be here in Barcelona to witness your historic vote on Sunday.

To pay tribute to the strength of your movement.

To stand in solidarity with you to demand that the right to self-determination is accepted as a fundamental human right of peoples.

I am here to call for international pressure on Madrid to respect the right to decide.

I am here in support of democracy.

And I am here today to remind the Spanish government that the international community is watching.

In Scotland we had our vote;
a right we demanded when the SNP won a majority of seats in our parliament.

David Cameron didn’t gift us our referendum, we fought long and hard for that right. They took us for granted, and nearly lost.

In Scotland we lost our referendum to fear. We lost our referendum because the United Kingdom government used big business, the banking sector and global capitalism to scare our people in to rejecting our own sovereignty.

The decision was one for the people of Scotland, yet we had Barack Obama and the EU’s Barrosso intervene at the behest of the UK Government to tell the people of Scotland what we should do.

Our situations are not the same, but here, in Barcelona I see the same arguments being rallied by the Spanish state as those employed by the UK Government.

But Independence is a process – it is not a one off event.

Even for Scotland after the referendum.

We are a politicised country like never before. The Yes campaign inspired people to vote and be involved where never they had before.

Remarkably, our movement is growing and is bigger than ever.

The membership of our pro-independence parties has trebled since the vote.

Organisations like mine – Women For independence – have seen our local group numbers grow by over a third.

We have helped more women to stand at the front of our independence movement and we remind our campaign – as I remind you – that national liberation is tied to women’s liberation.

At over 50% of the population, women are not a minority or special interest group.

Mobilising women for independence for themselves and their country is key to sustaining our movement and to its ultimate success.

From afar we have watched in awe at the strength of the Catalunyan desire for self-determination. The colour, the vitality and the numbers you bring to protest. There is much that we, in Scotland, can learn from you, and you from us.

When I was little girl, I took a train from Girona to Barcelona. In a tunnel there was some grafitti which read, “free Catalunya, free Scotland”.

That friendship and solidarity struck me then, as it does now. A hand of friendship that respects no border.

The people of Scotland will hold the United Kingdom Government and our politicians to account.  As you will hold your own government and the Spanish Government to account. They must understand that we the people are sovereign.

When they fail to hold up to their promises to us we will demand the right to go back to the ballot box and we WILL achieve our independence.

Perhaps the question is, who will be first; Catalunya or Scotland?
Junts Guanyarem.

Ara fem una Europa nova.

Natalie McGarry
Twitter: @nataliemcgarry

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